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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To Beat Action, MEET IT! - - Introduction To Self Defense Classes

Do you agree with this statement -  Self Confidence is Self Defense?  If so, read on....

Do you have an issue with low self esteem or self confidence?  Are you being teased, bullied or taunted by others?  Do you want to feel secure in your own environment without having to rely on outside means?  Ever thought you could rely on YOUR body, whatever the shape or size, to protect  yourself and your loved ones?

PHOENIX fitness is NOW offering one on one training or small group class training in Basic Self Defense..............

Many people think of self-defense as a karate kick to the groin or jab in the eyes of an attacker. But self-defense actually means doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Self-defense is all about using your smarts — not your fists.  it's about tuning in your mind and body to the daily surroundings and how to handle yourself in any situations that arise.

We already have the tools on our bodies - to have to think about carrying Pepper Spray or a concealed weapon is all fine and good --- BUT, what happens if either of these are knocked out of your hands?  Do you have a Plan B?

With a 3 month course in some basic defense techniques, I feel sure that you will walk away,  (yes walk - this class will not cripple you) with some knowledge, and heightened self esteem and confidence so you can handle yourself and protect your loved ones in any situation.

Anyone ages 5 years and up is a good candidate for this class.  We can do this in my studio, we can do this at your house, or if you know of a community center that might allow this, that could work also.

Please call Thom at 719-930-6365 for more information - Do NOT wait to take advantage of this class - you may surprise yourself with the skills you already have!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What is PHOENIX Fitness and WHO are they? To start, this personal training business has nothing to do with Phoenix Arizona - but more to the point, it has to do with the mystical, spiritual meaning of the Phoenix bird, One way or another, we have risen from the ashes of life, depending on what has been thrown at us and there are two choices - you can rise, stand, spread your wings and FIGHT for what you want or you can crumble, and "die" if you will and become ashes.   The rising and fighting for what you want is a learning process that no one can instill in you but YOURSELF- much of the information you will find on here revolves around what YOU can do for yourself, relying on yourself and totally dependent on yourself. Don't get me wrong, outside motivation is great to have, but when it comes down to it, only YOU can make the necessary changes in your life to succeed.  Visualize, Create and Manifest your dreams and goals-----and as always, Make it a Great Day!

"A NEW Fit You Is Waiting To Emerge" and I believe this and so should you.
As a trainer, my background is in the martial arts, competitive bodybuilding, culinary education, incredible energy and very motivating. We train out of my private studio located here in Colorado Springs. Many people prefer the studio setting as opposed to the gym. Why?? People are self conscious in the gym because they don't like they way they think they should look, or it's too noisy or the fact that they don't want to be under a microscope is another reason why the smaller quieter setting works best for my clients. It allows us to focus more, have a better and clearer understanding of goals and makes for better syncing better trainer and client.

Working with me, we can create the body and person you want to be. Our sessions are enjoyable, believe it or not, with you incorporating these thought concepts into your daily routine:

Visualize - use this not only to reshape your physique but also to change how you look and feel about everyday life.

Create - you are able to create whatever results you want to, in whatever area or path you choose

Manifest - just like in Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come" ----they same goes for you, your body, your future ---all these things tie together in one way or another.

If you know anything about The Law of Attraction or have heard of "The Secret" -- it is amazing how just reading a tidibt of this can change you......

When training, I emphasize Quality, Form and Intensity

I choose QUALITY of workout OVER quantity, meaning when we train, yes, I do push the weight on you, ever increasing, but I stress, more so, the usage of proper form and FEELING the muscles you are using and NOT just doing it to do a set number of repetitions.

FORM is so crucial when doing any type of exericse, whether it's with weights, boxing, martial arts, often do I see many people going thru the motions of exercise, without understanding the whats or the whys. I will make sure you understand clearly about making sure your form is impeccable as you go through your routine................

INTENSITY also has to be included in the equation when exercising, or in whatever you do--it can also be related to the type and how much energy you put into what you are doing. You have to stay focused and push/challenge yourself daily. Rest time is kept to a minimum--just long enough to catch your breath, wipe your sweat and drink some water. It does NOT involve usage of cell phones or texting, swapping recipes, reading a magazine, or discussing the weather. When you are at the gym, wherever it may be--you have one focus and one goal......Just Do It!

Now with this heck of an intro, you may be curious about your cost for a personal trainer, such as myself.
Here it is:
8 Personal Training Sessions for $275
To train 2 people at the same time, there is an additional $50

On your first visit, you receive a free fitness & nutritional consultation, plus a free Full Body Composition Analysis ($50 value)

We have a wide spectrum of training methods to chose from. But you first need to call me to set up an appointment

Call Thom for more information 719-930-6365